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My path to filmmaking

Experience beyond the class

  • Bachelor of Arts, film and Photography UNITEC University, Colombia 2004

  • 6 years of experience as an independent editor using softwares like Adobe Premiere and the Creative Suite

  • 10 years of experience as a shooter using cameras like C300 MII, DSLR, and RED as well as 360 cameras.

  • 5 years of experience working as an independent producer

  • 2 years working as a Senior Producer in a Non-Profit marketing department.

  • 3 years working as Video Director on a creative agency.

  • Experience working with marketing departments as well as agencies.

  • A love for organization and the ability to manage multiple projects and meet tight deadlines.

  • Experience working in studio and in the field, domestically and abroad

  • Special skills include color correction/grading and animation using DaVinci Resolve and After Effects.

Get in Touch

Telling the right story

Independent Video Producer

This is a video I created for World Vision's Maternal Health Campaign

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