This is what I bring to the table

  • As Director of Media Production, I not only know how to make beautiful videos. I understand how they must fit in and work with a larger context. I work regularly with my Executive Producer, Creative Directors, and Content Strategists to get the right story and the necessary assets to promote it. In this role, I also managed a lot of editors and freelance workers which taught me the importance of clear communication.

  • As Senior Video producer in a non-profit Marketing department, I worked closely with internal stakeholders to create unique and thoughtful video content for all marketing and advocacy efforts and audience segments.

  • Working as an independent contractor forced me to learn all areas of production, helped me master the art of multiple deadlines and taught me to be a good listener because every project was different.  

  • I have worked domestically and internationally for organizations large and small. I have filmed in sub-zero temperatures, sweltering jungles, dry-dusty desserts, and torrential rainstorms. 

  • My many years of working in Post Production have led me to develop systems for the creation, storage, and organization of all video content, backups and gear.


The right format

As a Director

This is the first episode of a 13-part series that I directed for GOUSA travel channel.
It was filmed across the U.S.

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