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finding your story

I use visual storytelling to harness your ideas, communicate your messages and inspire your audience.   

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The elements of my story

As an experienced filmmaker, I have worn many hats and played every role (camera operator, sound, lights, director, producer, editor, animator and mentor). My background working for small non-profit organizations with little to no budget made me resourceful. I embrace technology and new advancements and enjoy adding additional elements to my storytelling toolbox.  I pride myself on finding the right medium for each story, occasion and audience.

What makes me different?

I love technology and pushing the bounds of "normal". I'm not afraid to use new methods of storytelling to make the videos I create relevant and engaging for my audience. Learn More

What's my story?

I have always been fascinated by film. As a boy, I made my first films on our family video recorder. I spent long evenings "editing" my film by splicing the tape.

In 2000, I graduated with a degree in Film and Photography in Bogota, Colombia.  Over the past 18 years, I have worked with a number of non-profit and commercial organizations. I have produced videos for social media, documentaries, commercials, tv shows, fundraising videos and news reports. 

See a list of the software and video equipment that I am use. Learn more


My experience 

I am video production director which means I have been in all positions of the video production process; from being a PA on commercials, video editor and video composer, camera operator, and sound editor. I have worked on large crews for commercial productions and as solo video producer for Non-profits around the world. Learn more

What is my goal?

As someone who grew up seeing the face of poverty in those displaced by the decades-old conflict in Colombia, I want my videos to make more than a profit. I want them to make a difference, to change peoples' lives for the better. And, my goal is always that everyone be transformed, both those who participate in the process as well as those who see the final product.


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